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Currently, the first IP Nautica internet system more than 4 weeks intensively used and tested on a inland cargo schip. This ship is sailing almost 24/7.
The results were beyond all expectations.
There has been a failure in the Internet in the last period of less than 1% (including bridges, etc. when the satellite signal momentarily fails). In the remaining time (99%), there is a connection has been continuous for 10Mbps.

Also, all technical data (quality of sending and receiving), which were analyzed by ASTRA, and the quality of the materials used are extremely positive. Because all test results to both revenue and the quality of the materials used are very good, it was decided that Hertzinger will introduce IP Nautica system in Europe early May 2012.

Internet use is growing and there is more need of volume. Up to now a difficult situation for example inland-cargo. In many cases the only existing connection, UMTS, is not sufficient enough to meet the large flow of information which is required today.

In many cases there is even no UMTS connection at all. The ships that are sailing abroad also have to deal with "roaming costs".

Now with the IP-Nautica this is no longer necessary. With the IP-Nautica you are able to use internet with a downloadspeed up to 6 and 10Mbps within the satellite footprint.

Internet package
There are two packages available, the "Entry Package" and the "Professional Package", depending on consumption. The "Entry Package" has a connection of 6Mbps and dowloadvolume 3Gbyte of each month. With the "Professional Package"  your download speed can go up to 10Mbps with a download volume of 10Gbyte. When the download is exceeded additional volume can be ordered online.

Freezone package
Additionally you can order a "Free Zone" package. With Freezone you have unlimited download during night hours (between 24:00 and 06:00 hours). This volume is not counted in the regular volume.

VoIP package
We are also offering a VoIP service. The benefit of the VoIP service is that de costs are low and calls between ships are free of charge.
Prices are excluding FAT

  Profi Entree

Max. downloadspeed

10Mbps 6Mbps

Max. uploadspeed

256Kbps 256Kbps

Volume p/m

10GByte 3GByte

Pakketprice p/m

€199 €99

VoIP p/m

€15 €15

Extra 1GByte volume

€19 €19

Freezone p/m (Free download between 24:00-06:00)

€25 €25

Free WiFi modem


€10.500 €10.500

1 mtr pole

€800 €800


€600 €600
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