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Always and everywhere Internet connection
Anno 2012 is unthinkable that there is no internet available. Yet there is no internet connection very frequently due to overloading of the existing UMTS network during disasters or major events. There are locations where no UMTS connection is available (white spots). Even if a major failure occurs when the ISPs, you have a problem.
To ensure that you have a always have a connection we have put a autopositioner in to a flightcase  (a large suitcase). After opening the lid and the connection to 230 volts (or 12 Volt) is aimed, the system points itself automatically  to the satellite, where an Internet connection is realized. Within 5 minutes there is a 10Mbps Internet connection, whether the system is set up now in the suburbs or on a mountain in the Alps
This fully automatic system is designed for temporary or mobile Internet access. This is interesting for organizations active in disaster (fire, military, police) and to companies that want to have internet access during events. For companies offering a 100% internet back up to have this system is perfect. The Flight Case can also be used as an Internet Hot Spot.

ASTRA satellite
The Hertzinger Mobile Internet System uses the ASTRA satellite. SES, the operator of the ASTRA satellites offers since a few years Internet via satellite. Currently there are connections offered from 6Mbps and 10Mbps with costs comparable to a UMTS subscription. In Q4 16Mbps and 20Mbps will also be offered via the KA band.
Various government agencies have been working, to full satisfaction, with this unique Hertzinger IP Mobile Internet System. Additionally the costumers meant to use the Internet via satellite connect for a backup but in most of the cases they are used as a primary connection.


A number of companies, working at events, making increasing use of the Mobile Internet Hertzinger system. During events, all ATM transactions for currency sales and e-mail traffic for the employees realized through the IP mobile Internet system.

Optionally one can also make calls via VoIP (Voice over IP) with the Hertzinger IP Mobile Internet System. This can be very beneficial, with no delays and there is hardly any difference between a wired connection or via the call Hertzinger IP Mobile Internet System.

Link:Autopositioner on a Firedepartment commandocontainer

Link:Autopositioner in a Flightcase
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